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Five Funky Things You Can Do On Your PlayStation 3

Five Funky Things You Can Do On Your PlayStation 3

The PS3 isn't just a games console, there's a whole host of other things it can do that you might not be aware of. This film talks you through five basic things you should try.

Step 1: High-Definition Movies

You can now buy films on Blu-Ray instead of DVD. They look the same, but the amount of storage space on the disc is much higher, meaning it looks much more crisp. You'll need a High Definition telly and a ten-quid HDMI cable, but the results are definitely worth it.
What's more, you can ‘upscale' your existing DVD collection, meaning they'll look more spangly than they do through a standard DVD player...

Step 2: Play Against Strangers

The PlayStation Network essentially means you don't really ever need to leave your sofa ever again. Through this, you can download full games, or small demo versions of big-budget games you get in the shops. You can download extra bells and whistles for your games, like new levels, and play games against people on the other side of the planet via the magic of The Internet.

Step 3: Play Video Files

Any videos you've got on your PC can be spooled through the PlayStation. What that means is that instead of huddling round a crappy monitor to watch downloaded episodes of 24 and Lost, you can watch them on a massive telly instead, just like God intended.
Open something like Windows Media Center, and create a PS3 playlist. Drag and drop any items you want the PS3 to be able to see into it, and you're good to go! They'll be accessible via the XMB.

Step 4: Play Music

If you like your music, you can use the PS3 as a sort of ‘entertainment centre'. What's more, if you synch up your Playstation Portable to your PS3, you can access all the music stored on it wirelessly through your PSP, and listen to it all over the house.

Step 5: Play at stopping people from dying unnecessarily.

Yes, consoles are known for being 99% about buff men shooting people in the face with bullets and guns, etc. But that violence is simply virtual, and as such nigh-on harmless. The PS3 comes bundled with Folding@Home – it's under

. Once installed and updated, this funky little piece of software used the immense processing power of your otherwise-idle console to do complicated maths in the search for cures for horrid diseases, like cancer.
The only downside is that you'll feel like a cruel-hearted bastard for turning it off because of all the people you're no longer curing. That said, leave it on and you're killing the planet, so it's a no-win, really...