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Five Minute Makeover

Five Minute Makeover

So how do you give your home and yourself a makeover in five minutes? Easy – ditch the cleaning, or at least hand that dirty job over to Grotbuster. And spend that five minutes pampering yourself to a whole new you.

Step 1: The Cleaning

The first thing you've got to do is get the Grotbuster cleaning. Spray it over all those dirty, grubby areas on show. You know the bits, the corner of the shower, the tiles, around the bin, and that hard to reach bit behind the taps – the directable nozzle can easily get that.

Step 2: The Make Over

While the Grotbuster's taking care of the house, here's how to put the spring back in your step.
• Apply lip gloss with a touch of shimmer. This will instantly make your lips appear fuller and give you that high maintenance, polished look
• Bring your complexion to life by brushing on bronzer to the parts of your face the sun would hit; the tops of your cheeks, forehead, and the tip of your nose.
• Awaken your eyes with the magic of eyelash curlers, followed by a light brush of mascara to your upper lashes only for a fluttery, flirty effect.
• Build volume by running your fingers through your hair to get messy bed hair. Now smooth over any stray wisps
• If you want to really up the glamour slip on a pair of statement earrings.
• You only look good if you feel good, so take a minute or two to yourself, out in the fresh air if possible. Slow down, take invigorating deep breaths and feel your glow coming back.

Step 3: Admire the results

Grab a cloth and wipe the Grotbuster gel away to reveal sparkling clean surfaces. No scrubbing, just a quick, thorough rinse and that's it. Grot and grime are banished - and you look stunning