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Foot Massage

Foot Massage

MassageNerd.com shows you how to perform the perfect foot massage. Become you very own foot masseuse with this simple yet informative video.

Step 1: Compress The Foot

With people that are actually in dance classes or ballerinas, you name it, their foot is actually going to go all the way down.
So that’s why some people actually just compress right here on top of the shin and go down. But if they’re too flexible that’s when you can actually raise it up, actually bring it down too, to get a little bit more of a stretch in that area.

Step 2: Stretch For The Calf Region

The next stretch is one of the best ones for the calf region. What we’ll actually do is cup the calcaneus, the heel right here, and use my forearm right against the foot.
Now I’m going to compress the shin area here and then just bring it here. And so, I’m going to use my body to actually stretch it out.
And so again, compress lean back,
But if you’re not holding the shin area right here, it’s actually going to push under the knees and not going to get as much of a stretch then for that area.

Step 3: Gliding Up

With the next area, you’re going to actually kind of glide up.
So you’re actually going to go over here and actually glide up this area. You’re going to perform also on this side of the foot too.
So you bring it over here, in this section you go in angles and make some cool designs in massaging these areas.

Step 4: Stretching The Arch Region

A good stretch right for the arch region is actually going in here and here. And actually you do a little twist in this area.
So just move it back and forth and do a little twist - and this will actually help that area out.
With a shimmy, it’s like here and here, just like we’ve performed for the rest of the area. So we’re just going back and forth, and little bit fast.
You can also go right up here, to the lateral-medial malleolus, or the ankle bone right here and here.
So you’re actually just going back and forth. You’ve got a little bit of movement like that. You’re going to bring it up too so you’re going to bring it back and forth too to get a little bit of movement.

Step 5: Incorporating The Foot And The Leg

You can actually incorporate the foot and the leg too. You can actually go up the leg and do the sandwich with one hand underneath and one hand on top. And you’re going to kind of rock it down too.

Step 6: The Ankles

The next one you’re going to actually do is put your hand underneath and the other on top, and you can just do a little thrashing, just give them a pull in that region.
With somebedy who has weak ankles, sometimes you might hear a little pop on that region so that's why I always perform a little slow, to feel it in. And if it feels like it gives just a lot, try not to use this technique then.

Step 7: The Toes

The toes, you can actually stretch them out, so this is extension, this is the flexion, the toes. So you can actually go in opposite directions if you want, just all down or all up for the stretching.
You can also pull a little bit and twist it in different directions or just pull it to one area. Sometimes they might pop but don’t try to pop them.
And you can also separate them too, it’s called abduction. Bring it all at adduction together. So abduction away, so you’ll just do a little stretch for those areas.

Step 8: The Last Technique

So then, you can put your forearm underneath here and you can also rotate along just like for the suboccipital ridge region right underneath, the suboccipital ridge for the scalp. So we did that for the forearm.