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Four Ways Office 2007 Will Make Your Life Easier

Four Ways Office 2007 Will Make Your Life Easier

We take a quick look at the new features in Office 2007, and how you can use them to make life a little bit more efficient.

Step 1: Minibar

Here's where a great joke about booze in hotel rooms should go, but we're not going to do that because we're being efficient. Instead, minibars are instant-formatting boxes that pop up when you select some text and move the mouse upwards, allowing you to perform all the major format-manoeuvres you've come to know and love without all that inefficient nonsense of moving your mouse all the way to the top of the screen. Select a font, bold, colour, layout; all that sort of stuff and shave seconds off your day. Efficient!

Step 2: Live Preview

Any of the drop-down boxes on the menu bar show what your document would look like straight away – without having to actually click things! No more selecting, choosing, clicking, de-selecting to see what it looks like and repeating the process till you're blue in the face, simply hover over a style or font size or something, and your document will change there and then. Of course, if you change your mind and don't click anything it'll go back to how it was. Double efficient!

Step 3: Themes

Trawling through a document once you've finished to make sure it all looks the same, all uses the same fonts, and all looks professionally brilliant takes aaages. It's a right Royal pain.

Themes do all that leg-work for you. Simply select all your text, move up to the Themes bit under ‘Page Layout', and select a suitably funky-looking theme. All the headers, body text, bolds, colours and what-have-you have been designed by proper designers, which means your documents will look completely ace.

Step 4: Document Inspector

You can't be too careful in this day and age. There are a lot of nasty tea-leaves about the place looking to take a swipe at your personals, so you don't want to go leaving personal info in a document. Did you know that docs carry hidden chunks of data all about you? You don't want to go sending that off half way round the world to be thieved now, do you?
Click the big colourful Office Button in the top left, and save your doc. Then click it again, and go to Prepare, then Inspect Document. You can select which bits of stuff you want to search for, and Office will ping up and tell you if there's anything you could be concerned about, and give you options for dealing with it.
Document Inspector removes all sorts of stuff, like hidden text, watermarks, comments and notes meaning you don't have to do it by hand. Efficiency personified!