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Gemini: A Day In The Life

Gemini: A Day In The Life

A day in the life of the zodiac sign Gemini is shown in this video. This airy star sign is an interesting one so watch this essential guide to the life of a Gemini.

Step 1: At home

The twins won't always remember that they can only be one person. And with only one person. Which side of the bed will Gemini get out of? Both if possible.

Gemini, the communicator, will need to be bombarded with information as much as he'll want to share it with anyone who will listen.

Remember, air signs love their freedom. If Gemni's partner starts being a bit too domestic, he might find herself being hit by a cold front.

Gemini's diet will be as varied as possible but it'll be impossible to guess what he wants because that dual personality won't even be able to decide for himself.

Gemini will want to play with his food and all that talking while he eats may cause difficulties with digestion.

Step 2: At work

Gemini's already closed a few deals by the time he's arrived at work or found another job he'll try and do at the same time as his current one.

The twins will always look busy but that doesn't necessarily mean they will get anything done. Curious, helpful Gemini will be there for his colleagues, and will want to share his thoughts and opinions, whether they want him to or not.

Gemini will breeze into any meeting and pick up the tempo. The fast talking twins are an ideas factory. They're not likely to be the boss or leader, but they'll want to provide plenty of input. Adaptable and diplomatic, the twins are clever mediators who will often say exactly what everyone wants to hear even if that is infuriatingly inconsistent.

Step 3: Socialising

Here we have garrulous Gemini in his natural habitat… the social evening. Flirty and playful, he finds he can bond with most people, and will want to live in a frenetic social whirl. Close friends will have to match his wit and pace; and if it's drinks in a bar today, tomorrow it'll have to be something with a bit more motion, such as hang-gliding in a gale.