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Geology: Sedimentary Rocks

Geology: Sedimentary Rocks

Want to know how sedimentary rock is made? In this film geology expert, Matt Genge, will explain the basics of sedimentary rocks, and show you with beautiful pictures and diagrams how they're created.

Step 1: How are sedimentary rocks made?

Particles of minerals, older rocks, animals and plants are moved around by water, air and ice. Where these particles are dropped they build up gradually in layer upon layer. The pressure causes them to turn to rock.

Step 2: Coal

Coal is formed from layers of dead vegetation, such as trees and plants that were laid down in a swamp.

Step 3: A conglomerate

A conglomerate is a sedimentary rock that contains large grains of other rock, such as large round pebbles.

Step 4: Limestone

Limestone is formed from carbonate minerals that originally came from the shells of sea creatures. Limestones are often found along coastlines.