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Going Bald - The Styling Options

Going Bald - The Styling Options

If you're worried about going bald or you think you're developing a receding hairline and don't know what to do, then don't despair! We've got some basic advice that will help you to avoid looking like a slaphead and more like Bruce Willis!

So you're going thin on top and don't know whether to change your hairstyle or lop it all off? First things first, if your over 50 then only having hair on the side of the head is perfectly acceptable. But if your under 50 then avoid moving the suburbs to Paris with a comb-over. Don't go for the toupe if you don't want to stand out like a sore thumb, and accept the fact that you can't wear a hat for the rest of your life.

So shaving your head is the only real option. But be prepared, going too short may reveal unknown birthmarks on your scalp, or old childhood scars. You may also have an irregular shaped head as its hard to tell how you'll look until its too late!

To decide how short you should go, assess your widows peak. If the sides of the descending V shape are at 45 degrees to the centre of the top of your skull, but you have no bald spot then just go for a number 2 with clippers all over; if the hair is even thinner than that then go for a number 1.

If your doing this yourself then make sure you shave evenly all over to avoid a looking like Top Gun extra.

If you possess a full on bald spot even after a number one then you will have to go the whole hog and have the lot shaved off as close as possible. And that goatee will have to go too, or you'll just look like your compensating!

Congratulations! You now look as cool as Patrick Stewart, Michael Jordan, and Bruce Willis!