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Golf: Chipping Practice Drills

Golf: Chipping Practice Drills

VideoJug teaches you drills to improve your chipping in your golf game. By practising these chipping techniques, you will improve your golf game with these great chipping tips.

Step 1: Drill 1: Learn to feel where the ball will land

Try lying two clubs on the green about 1 meter or 3-4 feet apart from each other, marking where you need the ball to land in order to reach the hole.

Line up 15 balls. Now try to chip them to land within the space between the two clubs. You may need to adjust the position of the clubs until you find the right point.

Try practicing with different clubs to feel how the ball will rise and roll. This practice drill helps you to picture where the ball will land and is great for improving that all important "feel".

Step 2: Drill 2: Try different clubs

Practice your chipping using a 7 iron, 9 iron and a sand wedge.

Use 15 balls for this drill and with each club chip 5 from the same spot towards the hole on the green. You'll soon pick up how much each club makes the ball roll once it lands. This practice drill helps you to choose the right club.

Step 3: Drill 3: Control your breathing

Concentrate on your breathing to help your muscles stay relaxed throughout the swing, or you may hit the ground instead of swinging the club properly.

Here are three easy steps to making the perfect chip.

Step 4: Set up to the ball

Set up to the ball adjusting your stance for the chip.

Step 5: Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath then begin slowly blowing air out through your mouth.

Step 6: Take your swing

Continue breathing out at the same pace as you take your swing.

If the air flow remains the same your muscles stay relaxed and you swing the club through.

Remember: If your muscles tense during your swing, the flow of air will stop. Continue to practice breathing out while you swing.