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Golf: How High To Tee Up With Different Clubs

Golf: How High To Tee Up With Different Clubs

Golf: How to tee up with different clubs - golf tips on getting to know your club's sweet spot. Learn to tee up properly with our own golf expert.

Step 1: The driver

Tee your ball up so that when your driver is on the ground, its top surface is halfway up the ball. This permits you to sweep your driver close to the ground with no risk of the ball hitting the top line of the clubface and popping straight up in the air.

You get the best connection with the ball at the middle of the clubface or just above. This minimises the amount of spin on the ball, making it fly further.

If the point of contact is low down on the clubface, this puts backspin on the ball, so it flies higher but loses distance.

Step 2: Fairway woods and hybrids

As the faces of fairway woods and hybrids are not as deep as those of drivers, you should tee the ball up lower.

Tee up so that only a small part of the ball is above the upper edge of the clubface. That way, you can even hit the club slightly into the grass and still make a good contact.

Step 3: Irons

With irons you should tee your ball up very low, just above the ground. Some golfers even prefer to play their irons with no tee at all.

The low ball position allows you to swing down at the ball, to make it rise from the loft of the club, and still connect with the sweet spot.

If the ball is too high, the club meets it near the top of its face where the blade is thin, so the ball flies very short.

So tee up at just the right height for your club to strike the ball with the sweet spot for a long and accurate drive.