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Golf: How To Cure A Slice - The 3 Ball Drill

Golf: How To Cure A Slice - The 3 Ball Drill

The 3 Ball Drill is a fantastic way to help with either a hook or a slice. With the help of the PGA Instructors at webgolfcoach.com, this drill is excellent to help that slicing motion. Produced by www.mulliganplus.com Find, Track and Play Golf

Step 1: Learn not to slice the ball

Welcome to webgolfcoach.com - how to fix a slice. So here we have a great exercise of a three ball drill and you can see that they're on an angle. Now the biggest problem among a large percentage of golfers is the fact that they actually slice the golf ball - where the ball spins from left to right. The main reason that that comes from is that the swing direction will travel too much from outside to in. Invariably, from that swing path the club face will be left open, therefore creating that curvature of left to right with the ball flight.

Step 2: Creating a different curvature.

So, what I'm going to do is take my set-up position and I'm going to make a practice swing with the feeling that my change in direction on the down swing is dropping the club and feeling that it's coming from the inside. Now when the club travels from in to out the tendency then will be to make the club release more and, therefore, turn it over. So that's creating a different curvature in the ball flight so you'll feel that you're actually going to play a hook.

Step 3: Practice makes perfect.

So, making the practice swing again, you want to avoid hitting these two outside balls. Then you get the ball back into the center, your object ball. You're only trying to hit that centre, you don't want to hit any more than one ball. Again set up, ready to play the shot.

Getting a good shot, good contact with the golf ball and the two outside balls are still there. From this angle you'll get a better picture and understanding about what I mean about the swing direction. Like I said, one of the more common faults is the slice amongst most golfers. That is where the club head generally travels down too steep or too outside to in. Invariably they'll make contact with more than one golf ball.

Step 4: Correct your swing.

Again, taking away your object ball, you make a practice swing and the change in direction feels like we're actually dropping and coming much more from the inside - a very exaggerated feeling. But the feeling is that you're actually going to combat that left to right spin by being able to change the direction of your swing and get the club face turning over more. So then you put that ball back in the center and play the shot. So the two outside balls are still there, I've changed the direction of my down swing, and I've got the ball flying straight towards my target.