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Golf: How To Hit A Draw

Golf: How To Hit A Draw

How To Hit A Draw: VideoJug's golf guru Rickard Strongert lets us in on yet another golfing secret, with his perfect guide to how to hit a draw in golf.

Step 1: The set-up

Aim between 5 and 10 yards to the right of your target, depending on how much you plan to curve the ball.

Place the club head square behind the ball, and take your set-up aiming parallel to the line along which your club is facing.

Close the clubface, turning it to the left until it aims directly at the target, and then grip your club as normal.

Step 2: The swing

Play the shot with your normal swing, rotating your body around its spinal axis so it leads your arms and hands throughout.

It is important to turn your body well into the back swing, and make sure your torso and shoulders return to a square position at the moment of impact. This allows the club to swing naturally into the ball from the inside, so your hands can release the club head through the ball, making it curve from right to left.

To ensure a good body turn, focus on turning your belt and navel fully to the right in the back swing. Imagine that the end of the club is sticking into your navel and stays there until halfway through the back swing.

Make a nice flowing swing and keep your head behind the ball through impact, drawing the ball nicely onto the green.