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Golf: How To Hit A Fade

Golf: How To Hit A Fade

Golf monster Rickard Strongert shows you how to fade the ball. A technique useful for when you want to make the golf ball follow a right-shaping fairway from the tee.

Step 1: The set-up

Depending on how much you want to curve the ball, set up aiming anything from five to ten yards left of the target.

Place the club head behind the ball and set up your body parallel with your aim. Then, open the clubface so it is aiming at the target and take your normal grip.

Step 2: The swing

The swing is the same as in a normal shot, a body rotation leading your arms and hands through the motion.

The most important thing to remember when hitting a fade is to keep the clubface open.

Lead with your upper body so that your shoulders are slightly open at impact and your arms and hands do not release the clubface too early. Then you can watch the ball curve nicely, just the way you planned.