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Golf: How To Improve Your Downhill Chipping Technique

Golf: How To Improve Your Downhill Chipping Technique

VideoJug's golf expert Rickard Strongert shows you how to improve this vital part of your overall golf game - chipping. We pay particular attention to the downhill chip.

Step 1: The set up

First of all, place the club flat on its sole with the face square to the target.

Step 2: The open stance

The stance is wider than for a normal set up. This gives you much better balance.

The ball should be slightly behind the middle of your stance, so the club hits it on the downswing. This way, the ball flies from the loft of the club, not from being scooped.

Turn your whole body - feet, hips and shoulders - slightly to the left of the target. This is called an open stance.

Step 3: Lean from the hip

Lean forward from your hips and then put your shoulders parallel to the slope. Keep most of your weight on your left foot to ensure you balance with the slope.

This helps you swing with the slope instead of hitting in to the slope.

Step 4: Take your grip

In this position your hands are in front of the ball, so you should grip the club by the inside of your left thigh.

You're now ready to chip the ball downhill on to the green. Keep your weight on your left foot throughout the swing.

Step 5: The swing

As always in the swing, the body rotates about the spinal axis, so the body leads your arms and hands through the swing.

You can check you're using your body instead of your arms by looking for the ‘V' shape between your shoulders and your hands. This should stay the same throughout the swing helping to ensure that the backswing and follow through are the same length.

Grip the club lightly or use a soft grip pressure to keep your arms and wrists relaxed through the swing. This will create a nice flowing motion leading to better control for the distance of your chip shot.

You're now ready to chip the ball onto the green!