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Golf: How To Improve Your Putting With Practice Drills

Golf: How To Improve Your Putting With Practice Drills

How To Improve Your Putting With Practice Drills: Rickard Strongert, VideoJug's resident golf expert, shows VideoJug users several practise drills to improve your golf putting.

Step 1: Short putts

Place four golf balls around the hole - approximately 3 feet away.

Then, simply approach each ball in turn. Do your practice swing, and remember to use your putting routine as you hole those balls one by one!

This practice drill is to make you confident on short putts, so out on the course you will consistently knock them in.

Step 2: Three in a row

Place three balls in a line in front of you.

Now, without looking up, try to putt all three golf balls equally hard.

This drill is to improve your feeling for distance and a smooth putting stroke.

Look up to see if you made all three roll the same distance.

The closer the better.

Step 3: In the club

Place three golf clubs around the hole.

Take a position about four metres away, with your golf club and five balls.

The aim is to get the balls in the hole... or past the hole, without touching the clubs.

If your ball stops short of the hole, you lose a point.

If your ball touches a club, you lose a point.

But if you pass the hole without touching a club you score zero.

And if you hole the ball you score one point.

The idea is to keep your score at zero. When you can do that move another metre away from the hole.

Step 4: Follow- through

Choose a straight putt and place the ball 50-60cm from the hole.

Place the putter behind the ball and only practice your follow through. The putter head should still face the hole when the stroke is finished and the ball should along the club face and roll into the hole.

Note: this is not allowed on the course as the ball can contact the golf club only once.

So who said putting practice couldn't be fun? These drills will improve your game and force you to enjoy yourself at the same time!