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Golf: How To Keep Dry In The Rain

Golf: How To Keep Dry In The Rain

Golf: How to keep dry in the rain - our golf teacher shows you how to keep dry when playing golf in the rain, allowing you to conquer the elements and play golf in all situations.

You should wear a waterproof rain jacket, light enough to allow you to swing freely. If the weather is not too cold, wear thin clothes underneath your raincoat, as it is harder to swing wearing thick clothing.

The most important things to keep dry are your hands and the grips of your clubs.

Make sure you have a rain cover to close the top of your bag, which also provides a space for extra towels. You can keep other items such as spare gloves in the side pockets of your bag. An extra cover over the whole bag helps keeps everything dry, and lets less water in when you open the bag.

You should have a big umbrella, 4 or 5 towels and 4 or 5 gloves. You can put a towel and a few gloves inside your umbrella to dry your grip before hitting and allow you to change gloves between shots to keep them dry. Keeping a few towels around the clubs makes it easy to keep the clubs dry when putting them back in the bag after your shot. Take care not to allow any water on the shaft to pour down onto the grip or onto other clubs. Use your body heat to keep gloves warm and dry by carrying them in the lining of your trousers. Try to keep your hands in your pockets as much as possible.

This is how to keep dry while taking a shot. Hold your umbrella over your bag as you open the cover, and pull the club out through the towels. Keep the grip high under your umbrella as you walk up to the ball. Dry your hands on your towel and put a glove on. Take your grip while still under cover, and do not release it until you are back under the umbrella following your shot. Finally, don't forget to dry the club head, shaft and grip again when putting the club back in the bag.