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Golf: How To Read The Green

Golf: How To Read The Green

A great video for all golf lovers who want to improve their putting. VideoJug shows you how to read the golf green for successful putting. Turn those pars to birdies in no time!

Step 1: The surrounding landscape

Look at the landscape around the golf green. At first glance the green may seem flat, but you'll see that it actually slopes in the same way as the surrounding terrain.

Step 2: Examine the green

Look for the highest point of the green and then for the lowest point. This way you can assess how the green slopes.

Step 3: Feel with your feet

Simply walk beside your putt line the green and feel with your feet. You'll know if you're walking slightly uphill or downhill.

Step 4: Look at your putt

Squat down between the golf ball and the hole, a few metres away from the line.

From this position you can see if it is a flat putt, or on a slope.

Step 5: Watch other players

Never underestimate what you can learn from others! Simply watch what happens to the other golf players' putts to gain a good idea of the slope.