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Golf: How To Set Up Your Stance And Grip For Successful Putting

Golf: How To Set Up Your Stance And Grip For Successful Putting

We show you in detail how to set up your grip and body for a perfect golf putt. Turn those bogeys to pars by learning how to set up your stance and grip for successful putting.

Step 1: Position the putter

Firstly, place the putter head flat on the ground behind the ball, aiming at the target.

Let the whole club sole rest on the ground.

Step 2: Adopt your stance

Stand parallel to your target, keeping the ball slightly in front of the middle of your stance.

This will ensure better connection on your upswing.

Your feet should be approximately shoulder width apart. It can be a little less or a little more, as long as you're comfortable.

Now, simply lean forward from the hips until your eyes are directly over the ball. Keep your eye line parallel to your target.

This gives you the best position to see where you are aiming.

Now, keeping your weight on the balls of your feet, just flex your knees slightly without reducing your height. Yours arms will hang free in front of your body.

Tip: Don't bend at the knees or hunch over the ball. The lower your position, the more difficult to judge the distance.

Step 3: The grip

We're going to show you the two most common grips used by golf pros, or you can use your normal grip if you prefer.

Start with your arms hanging naturally, and place your palms on either side of the grip.

Tip: Always grip your club lightly to get the best feeling for distance and a smooth putt.

GRIP 1: The first grip is with your left hand on top and right hand underneath. Simply place your left forefinger over the first two fingers of your right hand.

Then, with your thumb pointing straight down, slide it into the groove of your right hand.

This grip allows you to control the stroke from the shoulder and not the wrist.

GRIP 2: An alternative is the reverse grip. Put the right hand on top of the left. The right forefinger is over the first two fingers of the left hand.

This grip will naturally raise your left shoulder, angling your upper body into position behind the ball.

Then slip your right thumb into the groove of your left hand.

Some right-handed people find this grip easier to get their shoulders square, leading the swing with the right hand.