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Golf: How To Stop Shanking

Golf: How To Stop Shanking

Golf: How to stop shanking - here is VideoJug's guide to avoid shanking in your golf game.

Step 1: Why you shank the ball

The main cause of shanking is the club head swinging from too far inside, out and across the line of the ball.
This makes it difficult to achieve an accurate contact with the clubface, or, as the common golf saying goes, makes the hose of the club head search for the ball.
The cause is usually one of two common mistakes:
First, a failure to turn the body enough in the back swing makes the arms swing the club behind the body and too far inside the line of the ball.
Second, gripping the club too far in front of the ball at set-up. This angles the club inside the ball line, leading the hose to search for and connect with the ball.

Step 2: Avoid the shank

Start by taking your normal set-up.
Grip the club, checking that the top of the grip points towards your belly button.
Then when you swing, make sure that your body rotates to lead the movement of your arms through the backswing and downswing.
Keep your weight on the balls of your feet
and your upper body at a constant angle throughout the swing.
As you turn your hips through the shot, swing your arms down close to your body, so the clubface makes a sound contact with the ball.
A good way to ensure that you start your swing with a body rotation is to look for the "V" shape between your arms and shoulders.
Halfway through your back swing, your arms should retain this shape,
and your club should still be parallel with the target line, ensuring that you swing very straight into the ball.
Many people think they shank because they are too close to the ball. To check this is not the case, take your normal set-up with the club head behind the ball, then try to swing the club so it misses the ball on the inside.
If you can do this, you know that there is plenty of room in front of your body for your arms to move.
So grip the club in line with your navel and begin your swing with a full body rotation into the backswing to ensure a nice clean contact with the ball and a good shot.