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Golf: How To Stop Topping The Ball

Golf: How To Stop Topping The Ball

VideoJug's golf guru Rickard Strongert explains how to avoid topping the ball. Learn the basics of golf, and make sure that your ball always get's off the ground with this short tutorial. Improve your golf game the VideoJug way!

Step 1: Set up at correct height

To avoid topping the ball this way, the first and most important thing is to make sure you set up with your body at the right height.

To check that your posture is correct, set up and then make sure that the club can't reach the ground a few inches behind the ball.

During the swing, your body should stay at the same height from the set-up position right through to the top of the back swing.

This ensures that you swing the club down through the ball, making the ball fly from the loft of the club.

Step 2: Maintain height during swing

The best way to maintain your posture in the back swing is to make sure you rotate your body around the spinal axis.

Keeping your weight on the ball of your right foot throughout the back swing.

This way, you swing down at the ball instead of trying to lift it with your swing.

To check if you moved your body correctly during the swing, watch where your shoulders end up.

You should finish your follow through with your right shoulder lower than your left.

If you set up incorrectly, or lower your posture during the backswing, you will have to compensate by raising your body in the down swing, and will most likely top the ball.

See our video on 'why we say we look up too early' to find out more about this common mistake.

Set up well and keep your body at the same height throughout the swing and you are much more likely to make a full, clean contact with the ball.