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Golf: The Lob Shot

Golf: The Lob Shot

Golf: The Lob shot - this video demonstrates how to pinpoint accuracy on the golfing green with a clever lob shot.

Step 1: The club

Use a sand wedge or 60-degree lob wedge. These clubs have the most lofted faces and make the ball fly very high.
To raise the loft of the clubface further for an even higher ball trajectory, you play a lob shot with an open clubface.

Step 2: The set-up

As the open club face will make the ball fly to the right, aim the club head 10-15 feet, between 3 and 5 metres, left of the hole as you place it behind the ball.
Take your normal set-up, with the ball in front of the middle of your stance.
Open the clubface, turning it to the right so it aims at the target and then take your grip.
Make sure you set up with the top of the grip pointing at your navel to ensure that the club swings parallel to the line of the ball so the open clubface strikes the ball cleanly.
A common mistake is to have your hands too far in front of the ball.
This makes the club head swing from behind you and inside the line of the ball, most likely resulting in a disastrously bad contact.

Step 3: The swing

As always, rotate your body around its spinal axis, leading your arms and hands through the swing, and follow through with both lower and upper body.
A common mistake is trying to swing the club in the direction of the target rather than parallel with the line of your body.
Grip the club lightly and use a soft, relaxed wrist action as you swing.
While this shot does not need a strong wrist action, it is important to keep the clubface open throughout the swing. This keeps the loft of the clubface as high as possible for a high shot.