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Golf - Trick Shot 9: For Backspin

Golf - Trick Shot 9: For Backspin

Golf Joker Rickard Strongert shows you how to fool your friends with an impressive and bewildering trick shot. Learn how to carry out the backspin with VideoJug's help and impress all those on the golf course.

To fool someone with this sneaky shot, the trick is to hide an extra ball in your pocket.

Put the two balls together in the bunker, touching each other and lined up in the exact direction you are going to play the shot.

Clear the sand away from in front of the ball so the club head can hit it cleanly.

Check that no one is in the line of flight, as one ball can shoot off quite hard.

Using your sand wedge, take a full swing and make sure that the club head makes full contact with the ball before touching the sand.

The second ball spins the ball you hit high into the air and gives it a lot of back spin.

So when it lands on the green, it will roll back the way it came.