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Golf: Why You Hit Fat

Golf: Why You Hit Fat

Golf: Why You Hit Fat - A golfing video explaining the reasons for hitting fat shots when the club hits into the ground behind the ball in your golf shot.

Step 1: Losing height at set-up

The first cause of fat shots is putting your body too low at set-up.

This can happen if you do not keep your left arm straight enough at set-up.

The weight of the clubface will straighten your arms out in the downswing.

So if you don't compensate by raising your body, you will hit the ground behind the ball.

Step 2: Bending your knees too much at set-up

If you set up with your knees too bent, it is likely that your weight will be on your heels and your upper body upright.

In this swing plane, the club travels much lower than if you swing it straight, and will hit the ground before it reaches the ball.

Step 3: Bad foot position at set-up

If you set up to the ball with your right foot pointing outwards, your weight will naturally shift to the outside of your right foot during the back swing.

It is then difficult to transfer your weight across to your left foot on the down swing, so your centre of gravity stays too far behind the ball and you hit a fat shot.

To find out more about how to keep a good posture and hit the ball cleanly, see our video "stop hitting fat shots".