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Guitar - B Minor Chord

Guitar - B Minor Chord

VideoJug will now teach you how to play the B Minor Chord on your guitar. You will be fluent in your chords so quickly, and your guitar will sound great.

Before you start to play check that your guitar is in tune. Watch our other films on how to tune your guitar, if you are unsure.

The minor chords are very different to the major chords in that they make a much sadder sounding chord.

To play the B minor chord, your three fingers are spread over three frets. The first finger is on the 2nd fret on the top E string. The second finger is on the third fret on the B string and your third finger is on the 4th fret on the G string.

Strum from the G string upwards.

Try to keep the thumb lined up at the back of the neck with the first finger.

Keep practising until your chords are smooth and without buzzing and humming sounds.