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Guitar - B7 Chord

Guitar - B7 Chord

Impress your friends with the B7 Guitar Chord. Our short film will teach you how to play the guitar in no time.

Before you start to play check that your guitar is in tune. Watch our other films on how to tune your guitar, if you are unsure.

To play the B7, place the first finger on the D string in the first fret, place the second in the second fret on the A string, the third on the G string and the small finger on the top string. Remember play from the A string upwards.

Practise playing the E chord, A chord and then the B7 back to A then E.

Once you are familiar with them practise moving from chord to chord, so that your notes do not have any buzzing or humming sounds. The progressions should sound fluid and smooth with practise.