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Hair Straightening Tips

Hair Straightening Tips

An interesting video by hair stylist Zoltan Vargyai demonstrating several techniques for straightening curly hair at home using a comb and basic hair styling tools.

I would like to give you a few tips, how to straighten hair at home. What you do with this technique is angle the hair so you're not going to have an angle marking the hair. Always work from the roots out to the ends.

Always work in neat sections and if your hair is very thick, try to do less. If you have short hair around the contours, you can twist it in and straighten it that way so you get the short ones in as well. Don't straighten your hair very often; the straightening guidance can be damaging.

If you use the straightening guidance about once a month, it's good for your hair. If you use it more often, it actually damages your hair. It is very important to protect the hair from the heat of the straighteners.

Most of the straighteners work at about 110 Celsius which is a lot. So, try to use a protection product. Some of the product ranges now have heat protection, even the shampoos and conditioners.

I'm using the spray today so I just sprayed it a little bit and I'm working it into the hair. And I use the straightening guider. It's very important to blow dry your hair a hundred percent before you start the straightening. And those are my hair straightening tips! .