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Horse Riding: How To Tie Up Your Horse

Horse Riding: How To Tie Up Your Horse

Horse Riding: How To Tie Up Your Horse: This tutorial teaches you how to safely tie up your horse, describing and demonstrating each step in two mere minutes.

Hi. My name's Jenny, and we're here at Wimbledon Village Stables, and today we'e going to be looking at the different aspects of horse riding, and horse care. So we put the head collar on.

The most important thing you have to remember when leading a horse is never, ever to wrap the rope around your hands. If you do this, and the horse pulls away, he can cause loads of damage to your fingers. Maybe even rip them off in the worst-case scenario.

So once he's secure with his head collar on, you can open the door and undo his chain, and always from the left-hand side. Just give him a little pull, a little click: ask him to come out. Try and lead from slightly behind him at his shoulder.

When you're turning him, try and turn him away from you, and then ask him to stand nicely before you ask him to tie up. When tying up a horse, you should never tie them directly to a wall, or to any piece of metal, because if they panic and pull back, they won't be able to free themselves. So always make sure you secure them to a piece of string that in an emergency, the horse would be able to break.

So first of all, we're going to show you how to do a quick release knot. Now firstly, just thread the lead rope through the string so he's got a little bit of head room, but he can't turn around or bite any other horses. Make a loop, and then put your hand through the loop and just pull the next bit of rope through to make another loop.

And then do the same again, and then the last bit of rope should just rest through. In an emergency, this is a quick release knot, so you can just pull that, pull it nice and tight, and the horse would be free, and he'd be able to pull back without panicking. I'll just show you that one more time.

So make a loop; make another loop; and then just thread the last bit through. And he can't get away, but we can loosen him off in an emergency.