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Horse Riding: What To Wear

Horse Riding: What To Wear

Learn what to wear when you first start riding. This VideoJug video will inform you on the basic necessities for safety while learning to ride.

Hi, my name is Jenny and we're here at Wimbledon Village Stables and today we're going to look at the different aspects of horse riding horse care. First of all, when you're riding a horse it's incredibly important that you always wear a safety helmet. As you can see Jennifer here is wearing one with a peak.

You've got several different types of helmets, some for dressage, some for cross country and some for endurance riding. But all of them must meet the proper safety standards. When buying a hat it's so important you get one correctly fitted.

So go to your local equestrian shop and ask them to advise you on what hat suits your head and shape best d make sure that it meets all of the safety requirements. If you do fall off or bang or drop your hat you will need to get it replaced as it will no longer meet the safety requirements. Next you have to make sure you're not wearing any flappy or loose clothing.

Make sure if its cold you wear something suitable that will keep you warm because it can get very cold out there. As you can see Jennifer is wearing something that is nice and fitted. Therefore it's not going to be loose and scare the horse when she's riding.

Next she's wearing some gloves. Now, horse riding can be incredibly cold in the winter but also these reins can rub your hand. It is important that you buy some gloves.

Most riding stables will lend you these when you are starting out. Next, when you first start riding, make sure that you're wearing comfortable fitting trousers. It's not essential you wear jodphurs in the beginning but once you get better and you want to ride more you may want to go out and purchase some jodphurs.

These will always make sure you're always comfortable when you're on the horse and will stop your legs from rubbing when you're riding. Next it's incredibly important that you wear the correct footwear. Most riding stables will be able to lend you the correct boots, and these are called half chaps.

Some boots are long and make sure they cover the whole leg. These here are just short boots and chaps that go over the top. This stops the stirrup from rubbing your leg when you're riding.

Again, most riding stables when you first start out will ensure that you can borrow these. If not, go to your local equestrian center and make sure at you get some correctly fitted. Also you want to make sure you wear boots with a heel so when you first ride, it's not really recommended that you ride in trainers.

You can see here that Jennifer's boot fits nicely in the stirrup and it also has a heel. This stops the stirrup from slipping all the way back and off the end of the boot. Some people do turn up to ride in Wellies.

These can be too wide to fit in the stirrup and might mean you'd get your foot stuck in an emergency. So it's important that you wear something quite slim with a heel or again ask your local riding school when you go for your first lesson if they have something you can borrow, so you're not having to buy all the equipment at once. .