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How Can I Look More Approachable?

How Can I Look More Approachable?

Here is VideoJug's guide to looking more approachable. Judi James, our body language expert and author of 'Body talk At Home', shows you how to send out the right signals so you come across as approachable and as someone everyone wants to meet.

Step 1: Body barriers

These signal to people to leave you alone and make you seem extremely unapproachable. Therefore, avoid folded arms or gestures such as holding a drink close to your chin as it implies to the other person you'd rather be left alone.

Step 2: Use your eyes

Your eyes can signal approachability. Don't stare or just look at the floor, but scan the room with your eyes as this shows that you are open to approach.

Step 3: Smile with your eyes

Soften your eye expression and don't be blank or vacant, as smiling with your eyes really does show that you are friendly.

Step 4: Smiling with the mouth

This is an evolutionary aspect, an animal signal of introduction. A nice, genuine smile shows again that you mean to be friendly.

Step 5: Intentional gestures

These make communication easier. When shaking hands, put your hand out at a distance and not at the last minute as this encourages more of a response.
When you want to interrupt, raising your hand slightly will signal to people that you want to speak.

Step 6: Self-comfort gestures

You do these when feeling anxious or under pressure, and it makes it seem as if you don't want to speak to people. Also beware of metronomic gestures such as foot tapping, as these signal to people that you are impatient and do not have time for them.