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How Can I Make A Good First Impression?

How Can I Make A Good First Impression?

This film shows you how you can make a good first impression. The body language expert and author of 'Body talk At Work' Judi James, shows you how to make a great first impression in work or social situations. This film gives you a head start to making a good first impression.

Step 1: Make an entrance

Take a few moments before you walk in to a room and realign your posture. Bring your shoulders back and down and put a smile on your face. Scan the room and look around as this will make you look a lot more positive and thus creates a good first impression.

Step 2: Your handshake

Make sure you give a good, cool and firm handshake. Look the person in the eye and remember to smile at them.

Step 3: Posture

Practice sitting down in front of a mirror, in the outfit you will be wearing, to see what is going to work and what isn't. Sit well in the chair as this will make you look more confident. Rest your elbows on the arm of the chair and maybe cross your legs.

Step 4: Hand gestures

Make sure you don't use barriers such as folding your arms as this will make you look too closed. Use nice open gestures and good emphatic gestures when you speak, and make sure you keep your hands below shoulder height.

Step 5: Mirroring

Use mirroring to create fast-track rapport. This is achieved by slightly copying the interviewer's body language which will help you come across as more approachable.