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How Can I Tell If He Is Attracted To Me?

How Can I Tell If He Is Attracted To Me?

Here is a short guide on how to tell if he is attracted to you. Judi James, body language expert and author of 'Sex Signals', shows you how to decode these signals and get ahead in the dating game. Find out if he is attracted to you with our great tips!

Step 1: The first glance

When your eyes meet, he should hold your eyes longer than the normal social space. He might look away, but then he'll look back quite quickly which shows that he is definitely interested.

Step 2: The suppressed smile

When he sees someone he fancies, he can't help but smile, it's part of the attraction process. He will try and suppress that smile, which usually means he finds you very interesting.

Step 3: Ownership gestures

If he wants your time and attention, he will want to single you out and separate you from the rest of the room. So expect to see things like him standing in front of you so other people can't see you, or him resting an arm over the back of your chair.

Step 4: Animal signals

An alpha male will puff his chest out to look stronger when trying to impress a mate, therefore he might realign his posture slightly and widen his shoulders a bit when talking to you, showing he can take care of you if necessary.

Step 5: Look at his eyes

He should look you straight in the eye when you are talking, showing his active listening signals. But his eyes will move down to your mouth and back up again, and this means he is probably thinking about kissing you.