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How Can I Tell If She Is Attracted To Me?

How Can I Tell If She Is Attracted To Me?

This short film, with Judi James our body language expert, shows you how to decode these signals and get ahead in the dating game. Try it out, see if she is attracted to you, and good luck!

Step 1: The first glance

This is the most vital part of the process. If a woman likes you, expect her to hold eye contact for a few seconds longer than normal. If she finds you attractive, she will look away and then look back. If she then smiles, she probably fancies you.

Step 2: Sub-conscious mirroring

When she starts to slightly copy your body movements and pace through sub-conscious mirroring, it usually means there is a degree of empathy there.

Step 3: Change in posture

Most women have a screen saver pose, but when she sees someone she fancies, she will arch her back slightly as it creates a better body shape, making her automatically more attractive to members of the opposite gender.

Step 4: Self-grooming gestures

These self checks will take place when she sees someone attractive. Therefore small, checking movements signal a degree of attraction.

Step 5: Face softening

Normally women can look a bit angry or fed up without realising it. Yet when they see someone they fancy, their face softens and they look much more attractive. It is an animal signal of attraction, making her seem immediately more beautiful.

Step 6: Touching

She will not just touch herself, but she'll touch you too in subtle ways whilst you are in conversation. This signals to other women that you are taken.