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How Do Free Hand Nail Art

How Do Free Hand Nail Art

How to Do Free Hand Nail Art: This video will show you how to create detailed nail art by using a very simple and easy to follow set of methods.

Hi, my name's Reena, and I'm from nail creations. I'm going to show you how to create nail art designs, nice and simple. I'd like to show you how I'm going to create that design on an express nail.

I'm going to paint the nail just with one coat. Any color will do. We're going to show you in different combinations, and always seal the ends to make your nail brush stroke longer.

Just give it a couple of seconds to dry. So I'm just going to put the fan on to let that dry. I'm actually now going to use my black to do my design.

I'm going to work with a point in the center. So we use one line going across and the second line from the same point, and then, I'm going to use two thinner lines on either side to finish off the design. Then I'm going to use my silver glitzer.

Just do the finishing. This we'll get that side and run this side and just fit in the center, and then we're going to let that dry again, then we're going to seal it with the top coat. Before I seal it with the top coat, I just want to finish that off by using white as a highlighter.

This is where the true test comes into it. I'm going to work against this white line, so I'm going to work against this black. Just going to bring it across, bring it around like that, and this side across and then like that.

Then to finish off that nail, I'm just going to apply a gem so I'm going to go back to using my glue. Positioning it where I want my gem to be, picking out my gem, I'm placing it down, and that's how you create that design in different color combinations. Always seal that with a top coat. .