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How Do You Make Homemade Candles

How Do You Make Homemade Candles

Sally gives us very clear and precise instructions to make lovely aromatic candles at home. The steps are very easy. To be able to make these candles of your own choice fragrances, with essential oils, must be a wonderful feeling.

Today, I am going to be teaching you how to make a homemade candle. The wax we are using is soy wax. This is quite a soft wax so when you burn the candle, it needs to be in a container; any heat proof container will do.

I am filling up my clean dry tin with enough wax; I use tins because I can recycle them afterwards. It is possible to melt the wax in a glass jar but it is quite difficult to clean up. To melt my wax, I am just going to pop my tin into a water bath or small baking tin with some water in it.

While it is melting, we will work on the mold. A mold needs to have a wick. Now, this mold is about 17 cm across so the size of wick I have chosen is medium wick.

Any smaller and you may find there is too much wax and it will keep putting the flame out; any bigger and the flame will cause too big a flame to burn in your candle. I am taking about twice the height of the mold which is a little generous but a lot easier to play with in wick. And now, I have to thread the wick through this little metal object called a sustainer.

You must have seen this when your night light has burnt out because they are what hold in place the wick in the night light as well or tea light. I am just using a cocktail stick to poke the wick through. And now, I am going to bring the wick right down to the bottom of the sustainer.

And that is going to be popped into my container but I need to have something on here to hold it in place. Otherwise when I pour wax in it, it is going to just float around. So I have a little sticky piece of white tack.

I am just going to stick that to the bottom; can you see it is not only holding the wick but I am going to stick it on to the glass as I have to stick it in the center because I want my flame to burn in the middle of the candle. But I have a problem when I let go of my wick, it is all floppy and may want to fold back into my candle. So I am going to need something to hold back my wick in place.

Now, it is possible to wrap it around or tie around a pencil, I am using is one of these wooden stirrers and tie the end with a tiny elastic band ; if I press it open, I end up with a very little neat way for holding my wick in place. So, now, that is ready for us to pour the melted wax in. My wick is central and my wick is held in place.

We have completely melted wax in here nice and hot and liquid, before I pour it though, I would like to add some essential oils and I have chosen a mixture of lemon, mandarin and basil. Using essential oils than fragrance oils will keep the candles 100% natural. I am going to use two grams of each of these oils so we get an equal blend; all three of them and the smell coming off the tin and the candles is absolutely gorgeous.

Keep that to stir to make sure it is thoroughly mixed in and now, we are ready to pour down the gap here. Now, all I need to do is to exercise some patience and allow that to set. Our candle has been sat for about two hours and during that time, it has almost set beautifully.

Now, it is two things we need to do now to make it ready for burning; one is to remove these sticks and the other one is to trim the wick. I can do both of these at the same time. I just snip below the wick.

Candle though is still slightly soft is ready for burning though I would be tempted to leave it for just a few hours just to harden off a little. And that is how you make a homemade candle. .