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How Dye Your Hair Jet Black

How Dye Your Hair Jet Black

Tired of your current hair color and want a new look? This step-by-step tutorial from a professional hair dresser will show you how to get a sleek new look by dyeing it jet black!

I'm going to show you how to dye hair jet black. For this, I'm using a semi-permanent color because we don't want a strong re-growth. It's going to be black anyway, so you're going to get the coverage, so using a semi is fine.

To prepare the hair, I've shampooed it, and I'm going to apply it to damp hair; just making sure that it's not saturated, but it's evenly damp right the way through. For preparation, I'm going to be using protection oil around the hairline, and that'll just help to prevent staining. Okay, I'm going to start by applying the teeth to the root area, and then take our first section from the front, right through to the back.

My next section I'm going to take from ear to ear. I'm using the teeth to section the hair off and keep it in its four quarters. So I'm going to start at the front, and start taking fine sections and applying it to the root all the way through.

I'm going to leave the hairline out to start with, just so we can do that last. It keeps the client's skin nice and clean. So I've taken my color right through to the ends of the hair.

I've gone around my hairline and made sure that it's completely covered. The oil on the hairline should be protecting the skin, and we're going to let it sit and process for about thirty minutes. So after I've processed the hair for the full development time, we've shampooed it and blow dried the hair.

And that's how you get jet black hair. .