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How To Access Your ITunes Radio Stations If You Have A PC

How To Access Your ITunes Radio Stations If You Have A PC

This film will show you the way to access iTunes radio stations if you are using a PC.

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need a computer with the latest version of iTunes and an Internet connection.

Step 2: Launch iTunes

Double-click on the iTunes icon on your desktop to launch the program.

Step 3: Set Your Preferences

Go up to the Menu bar at the top of the iTunes page, choose Preferences from the iTunes Edit menu and wait for the dialog box to open.

Step 4: Turn On The Radio

When the dialog box opens, click on the General tab.

Check the box next to the word Radio and click OK.

A radio link will now appear in the your source list on the left side of your iTunes window.

Step 5: Listen To The Radio

Click on the Radio link in your source list to browse a list of musical genres.
No matter what your taste, there is something here for you.
Click on any of the genres that look interesting and scroll through the list of stations under that genre.
When something looks appetizing, click on it to play. It's that easy.