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How To Act Like A Woman

How To Act Like A Woman

Whether you masquerade at midnight as a woman in your wife's clothes, you have a secret, burning desire to sing Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" on stage, or you want to really strut your stuff around town as a full time woman- then VideoJug's Fabulous Fairy Godmother is here to help make sure that your voice or mannerisms don't give you away.

Step 1: Walk The Walk

If there's too much of a lilt in your step… you'll look comical, not feminine. Watch women walk. They're more fluid than men. They glide. Women also take shorter steps. High heels help. They add a little shimmy to your strut. Don't exaggerate the movement.

Step 2: Speak Up

Falsetto a dead give-away. Instead… concentrate on pitch, resonance and annunciation. Pick a pitch just a little higher than your normal voice. Resonance is the timbre in your voice. Male voices have a lower resonance. Find the right one by speaking in the highest falsetto you can. Then find the lowest pitch in that range. Annunciation is the pace of your speech. Men tend to be more clipped. Women tend to curve and soften their speech.

Step 3: Let's Get Physical

80% of communication is nonverbal. Gestures. Movements. Expressions. Feminine women tend to use their hands when they talk. They're more animated with their facial expressions. Just don't overdo it. When standing, place your feet closer together. Shoulders back. When sitting, don't plop down like a guy would. Gently, dear. Practice makes perfect! Watch yourself in a mirror … or have a friend observe.