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How To Act Like Santa Claus

How To Act Like Santa Claus

Here is a video that shows you how to Act Like Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a very busy man, especially around Christmas time, so he needs a lot of helpers to be wherever he can't. If you are drafted in to be one of Santa Claus's helpers, follow this advice from the Ministry of Fun and you could be mistaken for Santa Claus himself!

Step 1: You will need

  • a jolly demeanour
  • Quick thinking
  • Christmas spirit

Step 2: The Ho Ho Ho

The first thing you need to know is how to do the perfect 'Ho Ho Ho'. Santa's signature laugh is a lot harder to master than you'd expect. Kids will be able to spot a fake a mile off so you'll need to get it right.
A good "Ho Ho Ho" comes form the diaphragm so reach down into your tummy to create the sound.
Don't force the sound, physicalise it, remember to smile and let rip with a happy and loud "Ho Ho Ho!".

Step 3: Work with your eyes

When you are dressed as Santa Claus, you must make sure that all your expression comes through in your eyes as this is the only part of your face children will be able to see. You can smile with your eyes, or express surprise or even show that you are listening with them.

Step 4: Be welcoming

When a child comes to see Santa, they may be very quiet at first, after all they are sitting on the knee of a big fat man in a red suit, and may feel slightly disconcerted. Always welcome them and ask a few questions to make them feel at ease, . Ask their name and if they are looking forward to Christmas.

Step 5: Don't disappoint

The most important question every child will be waiting for you to ask is what they want for Christmas. When they have told you what they would like, do not promise to get it for them. If they ask for something incredibly expensive that their parents cannot afford and you promise to deliver it, the child will be disappointed and their parents will not be best pleased. Instead, say something like "I'll see what I can do".

Step 6: Field difficult questions

If the child asks you an awkward question, remember that the real Santa would instantly know the answer, so you need to be able to think on your feet.
If, for example, a child tells you that they live in a house with no chimney and asks how you are going to be able to leave them their presents, first ask them if they can keep a secret. Then, tell them you have a special magic key that allows you to enter any house without a chimney through the back door, so you can still deliver presents to all the girls and boys who don't have chimneys.

Step 7: Do your research

It is always useful to know a few festive facts just in case you encounter a particularly inquisitive child.
Knowing the names of Santa's reindeer, for instance, is essential when behaving like the man himself. They are
Donner and Blitzen,
Cupid and Prancer,
Dasher and Dancer,
Comet and Vixen.
You should also be aware that although Rudolph is the most famous of Santa's reindeer, he was not one of the original 8. He and his magical red nose came along later. Santa sometimes lets him ride up front on nights when there's poor visibility.

Step 8: Know what's hip

The real Father Christmas always has his finger on the pulse of kiddie culture. If you want to impersonate him successfully you must have all the up to the minute information on what's hot and what's not according to kids these days. This includes pop music.