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How To Add Contacts To Groups In Entourage

How To Add Contacts To Groups In Entourage

The fastest way to keep people you know in the loop is to add them to an e-mail group using Entourage. VideoJug shows you how to add your contact groups into the Entourage application.

Step 1: Address Page

From the main mail page, click on the "Address Book" icon. On the left, you should see an option labeled "Address Book Views". Click on the arrow to the left of "Address Book Views" to see the list below.

Step 2: Open a Group

Double click on the group to which you want to add your contact. A new window will open, listing all the addresses in the group.

Step 3: Drag and Drop

Click on your "Contacts" tab. Find your contact's name. Drag it from your "Contacts" page to the group.