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How To Add Engine Coolant To Your Car

How To Add Engine Coolant To Your Car

So you've checked the engine coolant in the expansion bottle in your car and found that it needs some refilling. Here is a run-through of how to check its level, top up the antifreeze with the right mix, and check the fluid level again.

We start by looking through the expansion bottles which are right here. This is marked with a yellow cap which means that's something that you should be checking up. So, remove the cap and look inside.

We can see some coolant in there. We check by looking on the side of the bottle. See, there's a minimum line and a maximum line.

If it's somewhere in between those, it means it needs stuffing up. Try not to exceed the maximum line by too much. So, now we've established that the level is low, so we now need to add fluid to top that up, which we do with an antifreeze mix.

It's a 50-50 mix that's 50% water and 50% antifreeze. If you're unsure about that for your vehicle, consult your main dealer. So, we top the fluid up like so until we get to the desired level.

Once it's the desired level, we will replace the cap firmly, run the vehicle for a few moments just to let it start to get warm to circulate the water, then check the level again. It's always wise to check the level the next day because once it cools down, sometimes you'll find the water level will drop. Just obviously replace that and top that up to the normal again.