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How To Add Friends On Facebook

How To Add Friends On Facebook

Are you a computer illiterate? If you're new to computers and decided to get with the times and create a Facebook account, watch this in-depth video on how to add friends to your page.

Once you're on Facebook, you need to start adding friends. I'm going to show you the best way to do it. There are a few ways in which you can add friends on Facebook.

Facebook makes it very easy for you. It firstly, shows a list of people you may know on the right hand side of your page but you can also type in the search box here, the name of somebody you know and it'll return a list of people with the name that you just looked up. What you can also do is click on friends and you'll have a new link there that appears called 'find friends.

' You also have a link on the right hand side there. And the way to add friends is a few options that you have here. One is that you can log into your email and it'll look for your email contacts.

It'll even look through Skype, if you want it to, and it'll see what contacts you know and then, it will alert them that you're on Facebook and whether you want to connect with them. Or there's a list here of people you may know and this is created by Facebook is looking at people who know the people you know and it's suggesting them to you. You can filter this list, so you can filter it to London.

You can filter it to even people you went to high school with. You can filter it by college, university, or you can even filter by employer. And now, you've started adding friends on Facebook.

You can start interacting with them socially. .