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How To Add Video To Your Zune Media Library

How To Add Video To Your Zune Media Library

Wondering what to do with all of those daytime soaps you downloaded? Or any other media? Why not put them on your Zune? But first, you'll have to get them into your Zune Software Library. Here at VideoJug we'll show you how.

Step 1: Launch It

Launch your Zune software.

Step 2: Options

Click on the options tab on the top of the Zune interface, and choose the "Add Folder to Library" option.

Step 3: Add It Up

Select the "Add Folder" button and find your video folder in the browser window. Once you've found and selected it, The Zune Software will add all of the video in that folder to the Library... This way you can add multiple videos with one click.

Step 4: The Drag And Drop

For those lone flim clips, you can add individual pieces of video by dragging them into your Zune interface.