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How To Add Volume To Fine Hair

How To Add Volume To Fine Hair

If you have been blessed with soft, fine hair, but have trouble getting the volume that you want, James Blaquiere provides this easy method to style fine hair so it's looking thick and luxurious without no trouble at all.

I'm going to show you how to create volume on fine hair. First of all, taking the hair, I've washed it. Don't use any conditioner.

Just use some mousse when the hair is damp, and then blow dry it with a round brush about this size. After you've blow dried it and the whole thing is smoothed out and dry, we're then going to go through with some Velcro rollers which is a great way of giving you that extra bit of hold, that extra bit of body. Especially if the hair is a little bit on the fine side, and needs that extra bit of oomph and hold.

So, I'm going to go through and put some Velcro rollers through. Not all over the hair, because we don't want a real set kind of look. It's just to give it that extra bit of volumizing.

So, after the hair's blow dried, just be careful not to comb too much of the blow-dry out. You don't want to be too fierce with it, just gently, perhaps, with your hand or your fingers. When we put the first few rollers in, we're going to work on the crown area.

We're not going to go through the whole hair, as I said, just to give it a little bit of extra body and a little bit of extra help and support. Just gently lifting the hair, you don't want to spoil any root lift that you've created in the blow-dry. About an inch, half an inch below the crown area would be good for your first roller, so just section that away.

You want to take a section about the width of a roller. When you put it in, put your two fingers inside the roller, just place it on the bottom and just roll ever so slightly just to get that tension. Just so you've got the tension there, and the Velcro roller will do the rest for you.

No need for pins or anything like that. This is a nice, quick, easy way to get volume out of fine hair. So we're going to do a brick work pattern, so we're going to start with one here, to either side, and so on and so on.

Use slightly different-sized rollers, only ever so slightly bigger on the next section. Okay, so now we've scattered some rollers through our blow-dried hair, just to give it that extra bit of volume and that extra bit of hold. What we do now that we've put those in, just a light bit of hair spray, just over the top, quite far away so the hair spray sprays into the air and gently falls down.

If you hold the hair spray too close to the rollers, they'll end up going really crunchy, and you'll have to brush them out - not very nice. So just really, really gently, a bit of hair spray evenly all over the rollers and that will do. You just leave them now, about twenty minutes to a half an hour if you can, and then we should take them all out.

Now we're going to take the rollers out. There's a very simple way to do it. Again, how you put them in, just two fingers gently pull them out through the Velcro and let the hair sit naturally.

Repeat this process, taking them all out. Generally, the rule after taking rollers out is you brush the hair through. But with very fine hair, you don't want to do that, because that's just going to ruin everything you've just done.

So, very gently with your fingers, or a very wide toothed comb, but fingers generally does the tricky, very gently just brush out the rollers. Just like so, very, very gently just pulling it through. It breaks up the kind of roller marks that may be slightly in there.

There you have how to create volume in fine hair. .