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How To Address A Wedding Invitation To Two Married Doctors

How To Address A Wedding Invitation To Two Married Doctors

This guide to traditional wedding address etiquette is extremely precise and delicate, so learn here with VideoJug how to address a wedding invitation to two married doctors.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • Your wedding guest list with addresses
  • A second name and address list with the proper wording
  • A calligrapher or business which does machine calligraphy

Step 2: Determine The Status Of Your Guest

What is the status of your guests? Are they married? If so, do they live together? Are they medical doctors or have PhDs? It is essential you know the answers to these questions.

Step 3: Determine The Outer Envelope Address

OK, they are married. They live together and are both medical doctors. So, on the outer envelope, that's the one the postman will see, you will address it to "Doctors", his first name, "and", her first name, and his last name.

And remember, no matter how nicely addressed and pretty the invitation is, it will not get there if you send it to the wrong address…so always make sure you have the right address!

Step 4: Determine The Inner Envelope Address

Now it's time to address the inner envelope which holds the actual wedding invitation. You would address it "The Doctors" and his last name.

Step 5: Take The List To Your Calligrapher To Print

When you have finished with your address list all you have left to do is give it to your calligrapher to address the envelopes.

If the cost of hand calligraphy is an issue, keep in mind that many stationery shops offer machine calligraphy which looks very similar to hand calligraphy, but costs much less.