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How To Adjust Your Saddle To The Correct Height

How To Adjust Your Saddle To The Correct Height

Bicycle expert Stuart Dennison shows us how to adjust your saddle at Bikefix in London. There's now no excuse to be off the road, so adjust your saddle to the correct height with VideoJug.

Step 1: You will need

  • A set of allen keys

Step 2: The correct height

Stand somewhere where you can hold or prop yourself up against a wall.

Hold your brake and place your heel on your pedal. Your leg should be straight but your knee shouldn't be locked.

This is a good height.

This is too low. It will make it harder to pedal. If you want to travel a long distance it will be tiring.

This is too high. Your knee is locked. When you are pedalling you hips will go from side to side which makes it harder to pedal in a comfortable gear.

Step 3: Adjusting

If there is no quick release, use an allen key to loosen and tighten the bolt.

If there is a quick release - when you open it you can slide the saddle up and down, and when you close it should be firm.

If the lever doesn't close all the way down, you may have to loosen the bolt on the other side to get the correct tension. If it doesn't clamp the saddle, you may need to open it up and clamp the nut on the other side.

Check the saddle is firm. If it's loose, tighten it up.