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How To Alter Jeans

How To Alter Jeans

How to alter a pair of jeans and learn new ways to play with them and get a different look.

I'm Rudy and I work for Sonofastag. Sonofastag works for different denim jeans brands around the world as consultants and has a store in London. We're going to show you how to look after jeans and get the best from them.

I'm going to show you how to alter jeans. This is a pair of jeans I am working on I'm playing around with a little bit. It's very simple in this case, we are going to shorten some jeans by a massive 7 inches.

So, measure 7 inches across from the bottom mark it, take the ruler and draw a straight line across it. And the next step is to just give myself over and inch in the fold and measure under the line below that and then cut through at the second line. I'm actually not cutting 7 inches off, I am cutting about 6, and having done that, I'll make a mark on the reverse side as a guide, mark across, be sure that both sides match up.

And very very easy, what I need to do is make sure the fabric is folded under like that and it matches the line of 7 inches that we measured or what it measured up to. Put it in my sewer and simply hem away to the guide line, you can use any sewing machine for this or you can use a domestic one. I am using a professional one here but any domestic will be able to sew the hem as I say, this is the hem I've been playing with so I have created some holes in it so excuse the little markings of hole that you see.

And the best way even for us, we grew up with jeans every single day of our life, we experiment, we play and we learn new things so perhaps this is a new way of me trying to see what happens when I actually put a cut in there before I sew the hem, but there you are, you have a hem there and this is actually a chain stitch but normal hemming will do. A hem will do that for you. This is how you alter a pair of jeans. .