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How To Apply Acupressure

How To Apply Acupressure

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicinal technique which combines the benefits of acupuncture without the needles! Acupressure involves the application of pressure to various acupuncture points or meridians in the body, stimulating the flow of chi.

Welcome to a guide to how to apply acupressure. Today we're going to be working with someone who we've already diagnosed and we're going to be applying acupressure techniques in a way that's going to help her diagnosis. This is Charlotte we're going to be working with today and we're going to be working with a basic diagnosis of blood deficiency, which is with a few little complications.

Okay, we're going to work with large intestine four on both sides. So we're going to find the soft bit between the index finger and thumb, in the web margin of the hand and we're just going to work with a simple rofa technique and we can feel the point feels a little tight, so we want to work here until the tension releases and we have a sensation of warmth and flow in the point itself. Now, at the same time as doing this, we can work in the same hand and I can stimulate a point called large intestine eleven which is just, you follow the crease of the elbow, just on the outside crease and we're going to work with both of these at the same time and both feel fairly tight so we can see that there is probably a little bit of stress here and there's probably a little stagnation of the chi.

All right, so as time is short, we would normally do about 5 minutes on each of these and then we would do the other side. But in this case, we're not going to and I feel that large intestine eleven is done so what we're going to do is we're going to release that and continue working with large intestine four. And if you could just take your shoe off and if you'd like to bring your foot up and rest it on my leg, we're going to work with a point called liver 3 which is between the first and second bone in the foot and you'll find it very quickly because it's a very intense, strong point and these two points work very well together and they are very good for releasing stress and tension, particularly stagnation of the chi of the body.

You know there is stagnation of the chi of the body when you feel a tenseness and tonicity of muscles in the body that you can't release. So very often, neck and shoulder tension, so very good points for releasing neck and shoulder tension. Now, some people feel heaviness, some people feel a fullness when you stimulate these points.

Some people can feel a tingly-ness; others can feel a minor ache. Is there anything in particular you are feeling?
Charlotte: I can feel the tingly-ness that you were talking about.
Time: Does it radiate or move anywhere?
Charlotte: A little bit.

Tim: Okay. So what we will do is just continue working. We normally would do these points for another five minutes and then we are going to put these down and we're going to work on the neck and then we're going to finish off with the back.

Okay, we're now going to turn around and work on the neck and on the back. So, let's turn around. So there are two points just on the back of the neck here.

And again, we can work with just stabilizing the head and we can work at both points at the same time. This is called gallbladder 20 and again, we're finding fullness and tightness here, so what we need to do is just disperse these areas and pluck across those muscles in a nice gentle way. And in this case, what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a little bit of narfa.

Just disperse these points so with narfa. We are going to pinch the skin a little, lift it up and let go. Pinch, lift, let go.

Pinch, lift, let go. And again, you can do this for two/three minutes. With more dispersing techniques, you usually use slightly less time and we are going to work on a point on the top of the shoulders here and we are going to do a similar technique to start with.

Sorry, I am going to just take this scarf away, there we go and we're just going to work. I am going to find a point halfway between the spine and the edge of the shoulder, just on the top of the shoulder, and you want to do it until the point looks red as you have invigorated th