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How To Apply Black Eyeshadow

How To Apply Black Eyeshadow

If you find this eye shadow colour a bit tricky to apply, worry no more! In this video, a makeup artist teaches you how to correctly choose and apply black eye shadow.

Hello, my name is Karla Barchieri. I'm a freelance makeup artist, and today, I'm going to show you a few makeup tips. Now, I'm going to show you how to apply black eye shadow.

You just choose a black eye shadow with a matte or shimmer or a metallic. It's your choice and you use a flat brush such as this one. Go to the eyelid and as the eyelid is closed, kind of press the product in instead of sweeping the product across and turn the brush so that you can meet also the lash line easier, and as you press in, you will see that the product will actually stick to the lid.

Okay, so press in again and as many times as you consider necessary. It's up to you how intense you want the colour but black eye shadow is very popular for smoky eye shadows, for pretty much a very quick, strong and wearable eye makeup, so it's definitely one of the easiest ways of looking good just with one eye shadow and I think it suits everyone. I haven't seen the one person that looks like the black eye shadow doesn't look good on them so this is my take on how to do it.

Now, once you have done the lid, go the lower lid. Use a brush that is smaller than the one you were using but still flat and square. But that would be easier to go under the lash line.

Open your eyes for me and again dab in very quickly. Just move across your model's eyes or your own from out to in and it depends how intense you want this look but in this case, we're going to do a midline, not too thick, not too thin, and I'm just filling in here the gap between the lash line. Just because this gap is so precise, I can actually press wherever I want to and it will go right there.

The last brush we're going to use for this is a blending brush and this is to make this look slightly softer on the edges. You can again put a little bit of black eye shadow in your brush but only tiny because what you want is to get these lines smoother. We're just going to sweep this line around and you will see the product is moving but we want to move it in a round circle so it goes right on the socket.

We don't want it anywhere else because when the model opens her eyes, you're not going to see that much, and in here, I don't want to go out neither. I just want to keep it right on the eye, and again, this is a very popular look and one that you can make loads with. So, after you apply this, make sure you put a black eyeliner, mascara, very strong black mascara, and make sure that you do your foundation, contour and everything else that is needed to make this look good.

Open your eyes for me, please. Okay. As you can see, my model looks very beautiful with minimal effort.

All we're going to do after this is to apply a pencil liner inside the eye and just follow along that line. Pull down the lid so that you can actually reach there very quickly and that's it. This is my take on how to apply black eye shadow. .