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How To Apply Blush Properly

How To Apply Blush Properly

In this VideoJug presentation, professional makeup artist Naila Hussain gives step-by-step instructions and demonstrates how to apply blush for best results.

Hi. Today, I am going to show you how to apply blusher. Now, to do this, you will need a fluffy brush, just with a nice fluffy soft edge at the top, and a powder blush.

Over here, we have already applied foundation, concealer, loose powder, and we have already done an eye makeup look. To begin with, just swirl your brush into the blusher, tap off the excess, and if you can just smile for me, we just need to place this here, just below on the cheek bones. Just pat it in gently, and then we are going to swirl it and blend, very gently touching the surface of the skin.

Blend just right up to the ear, and into the hair line, and downwards, focusing on the apples of the cheeks, and then just sweep away to blend any harsh edges. On the other side, if you just smile for me, starting here, pat, and then swirling motions into the ear and into the hair line, downwards, and then a sweeping motion back. So, to do this, you need this large fluffy brush and a powder blush, and you can use any type of colors to match your skin tone, and just remember the swirling motion and just blend it back into the hair line and the ear.

And there you go, that is how to create your perfect blush. .