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How To Apply Contour Makeup

How To Apply Contour Makeup

In this VideoJug clip, Naila, a professional makeup artist gives useful tips on how to apply a contour makeup. The clip shows how to use both the darker and the lighter shades in order to create a sharp profile of the person.

Now, today, some contouring make up, I'm going to use two matte and cheek colors or sculpt powders as they are called and these are from Mac. This is a very light one called accentuate and this one is called shadow. We are going to start with some darker color first.

We are just going to draw definition to the face. So, we are going to apply some darker color here, just below the cheek bone and just around the nose and just around the forehead, the hairline area and sometimes, you can apply some color to the jaw line area, just to give it some definition. So, I am going to start with the cheeks first.

If you can just suck in your cheeks, just going to apply along the lower half of the cheekbone and blend upwards and then just along the sides of the nose to create a sharper nose, then with a pointed fluffy brush, we are going to go with the lighter color. Touch the tip of the brush end and we are going to highlight the top of the cheekbone and along the nose and there you go. By using the dark and light powders , you can create more definitions and actually use this contouring make up to bring out features of your nose and cheekbones.

And that's how you do contouring makeup. .