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How To Apply Dark Eyeshadow

How To Apply Dark Eyeshadow

There is a wide range of eye shadow colours, even dark eye shadows. For this film, a freelance makeup artist demonstrates how to apply dark brown eye shadows using a range of eye makeup brushes as well to complete the look.

Now, I'm going to show you how to apply dark eye shadows. Dark eye shadows come in any range of a colour. So, from very light pink for instance, you can find a very strong red and that could be the dark of that colour.

In this case, I'm going to use a brown as my dark eye shadow and I find that the best way to do this is to enhance the eyelid and instead of going the whole way up to the brow bone, you could just go up to the crease and then smoke that out. So, I'm going to show you that. First of all, please remember to prep the eye so I'm just going to quickly prep my model's eye.

This is an urban decay shadow base, so close for me please, okay, and I'm using a concealer brush to spread the product to round. I think that it's very important that you invest in good makeup brushes so the one's I've got are coming from the Academy of Freelance Makeup or AFM. They have a very good range of brushes.

So, this is my concealer brush and I'm just going all the way. Now, the other eye. You can prep your eyes with powder, translucent powder of if you want a flesh eye shadow tone to do that as well or you could use an eye shadow base like I'm doing here.

Once that is done, then you get your shade and this one is going to be a very strong shade of brown and I'm just usually going to go from beginning till end but only on her eyelid, so make sure that you dab that instead of swipe because otherwise, you are going to get all the product down. Just make sure also that you've reached the lashes so that you don't have any gap, so that's it. What I love about this eye shadow base is that it actually makes a little bit shimmer so you already have the illumination in your eye from the eye shadow base.

So, even though I'm applying a matte eye shadow on top, you can still see a little bit of that shimmer coming through, okay. So, just make sure you go up to the crease, same here. If you need to put more, do so.

Just go back to it as many times as you need to. I'm going to stand in front of her and same on the other eye to make it even; always stand a little bit far from the model and just have a look at her from afar and so that you can see if everything seems to be aligned, okay. Beautiful! What I like of brown is as an understated colour, I find that brown can enhance your eyes a lot, and you're going to go under the eye with exactly the same shade, just pretty much surround the eye with the colour.

Now, I'm going to get my blending brush. This is my blending brush from Mac. You just pretty much, on the crease, and just sweep the product to make it smoke out, out of the socket.

So, just do this very gently but at the same time right on that edge that you see just to make it quite soft and it depends how much you want to take the product out but I'm just trying to keep the product within her eye circle, not going like cat eyes or anything, and again on the other eye, go there and smooth that line that you see. That's nice. You can always enhance this with mascara, with an eyeliner but to be honest with you, you will see how her eyes are going to pop just by doing this.

She doesn't need much but obviously all the other things would enhance it more and we'll make it more, you know, maybe to go out or something. But if you just want to just pop out to the shops, you can do this and you can look quite natural but at the same time made up, if it makes sense. Okay, open your eyes for me please.

Lovely! So, this is my take on dark eye shadows. Thank you. .